A regular menu, Please

I ran across a list of restaurants that offer senior dining deals. Woo-hoo! Who doesn’t want to be included in that deal?! (Sarcastically stated.)

I know there are some ‘seniors’ who love the discounts. I know there are some who proudly wear their age like an earned medal. I get that, and I agree. It is indeed earned.

I fully believe I will get there. But I’m not there yet.

I do not have a desire (that is an understatement) to walk into a restaurant and proclaim to everyone working there and all in line behind me that I am a senior and I want my discount! Uh, no thanks.

I prefer to live in a state of denial at this point. That, too, is a right of passage.

Here are a few of the listings:

McDonald’s: Discounts on coffee (Please let me pay $1.00, not .50)
Whataburger: Free drink with purchase of a meal (Whatatreat)
Wendy’s: Free coffee, depending on location (Apparently some locations don’t believe in humiliation, thank God.)
IHOP: 10% discount and a special menu for people aged 55 and over (What a joy to request that.)
Golden Corral: Offers a senior discount (Shocker)
Krispy Kreme Doughnuts: 10% off for 50+ (I’m hoping that means when you order 50+ doughnuts.)
Perkins Restaurant: Special “Fifty-Five Plus” menu (Yes, please – NOT!)
Uno Pizzeria: “Double-Nickel Club” (Oh, how cute.)
Sizzler: Offers “Honored Guest” menu for 60+ (Gee, do I feel special.)
Fazoli’s: “Club 62”, special senior menu items (Who doesn’t want to be a member of that prestigious club?)
Burger King: 10% discount on purchase (Great, that will help make clogging my arteries feel like a bargain.)

In previous blogs, I lamented the fact that I have occasionally been charged a ‘senior’ price automatically. No questions asked, no mandatory driver’s license proof, nothing but a “That will be 50 cents, ma’am.” In the words of the brilliant philosopher Stephanie Tanner, “How rude!”

To myself I am usually thinking “Did your mama not teach you better?”

There are some life rules that should always be minded. I will mention only two.

One, never brazenly assume that someone is a senior unless it is blatantly obvious that they are over age 85. Two, never ask a woman when her baby is due unless she is so large in the belly there is no other possible explanation.

If you are a ‘senior’ and into discounts, knock yourself out. You now have a good reference point of where to begin.

For myself, I am going to stay in “Da Nile” and sail along in my full-priced boat. Yes, there is a higher cost for going that way, but the price for accepting senior discounts is quite costly, as well.


Author: Rebecca Hendrixson

Hello, I'm Rebecca. I am a wife and mother and freelance writer. I love to share honest thoughts, anecdotes, incidents and encouragement. I am documenting my one year of being 60 years old. Join me on the journey. And please leave comments or send me an email. I will respond. We are all in this together. Come be my comrade.

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